Marketplace: Help your Distributors to sell more

A platform that allows farmers to buy online from their distributors

Your distributors will combine offline distribution with a great online tool to receive orders 24/7, update on deliveries and engage their customers through finance, loyalty and other added value services.


Main Marketplace Advantages

Farmer can place orders online

Farmers place an order to be shipped or picked up in store. The assignation of a distributor may be controlled by the manufacturer following different rules, such as geographical, grouping, etc.

Help your distributors to sell more

Give access to your distributors to a new online sales channel, open 24/7. Help them engage their customers by offering added value tools, such as finance, insurance, updates on deliveries, stock info, etc.

Help Distributors Improve their Sales Strategies

Allow distributors to know product visibility, farmer’s interest in products, conversion rates, etc. All parameters analyzed over time, against targets etc. (high / low season).

A Great Marketing Tool

Your distributors may track Price changes, stock variations and create promos and discounts based on market data to attract their customers.

Distributors assigned by regions is optional

Channelize distributor purchases by region, group, or other existing rules. You can also directly assign distributors to farmers.

Promote your brand to farmers

Add technology to Distributor-to-farmer sales channel and attach your brand to it.

Finance farmers directly

Improve your relationship with the farmer by financing them through the distributors. This will also help your distributor’s cashflow.

Personalized Promos and Discounts

Distributors can apply promos and discounts to each customer separately, as if it were offline.

… and a long list of features to help your distributors be more efficient and profitable.

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