Increase your sales and efficiency thanks to a unique Agro Platform

Sell to your distributors in an innovative way.

Improve your sales process efficiency taking advantage of our technology solutions.
More than 1 billion EUROS processed say that we are right.

10 Ways our Platform adds Value


Improve your efficiency

Orders 100% Automatized

No more orders by fax, email or phone

No more Processing Errors

Orders are placed by distributors and travel directly to the CRM, avoiding quantity, pricing or product errors from emails, phones or faxes. No more processing order errors by Customer Services or Sales Reps

Orders Placed by distributors

Orders are placed by distributors, freeing up Sales Reps and the Customer Service Department to focus on value adding tasks.


Improve your Sales

Receive orders 24 hours a day

Distributors can send orders at any time, even on weekends.

Unleash your Sales Reps’ potential

Sales teams are able to focus on value adding tasks, such as signing up more distributors or recurring sales.

Update sales policies in real time

Update promotions, prices, marketing and sales policies and see them reflected in the distributors’ network in real time.


A platform with amazing traction


Million EUR processed


Registered Online Members


Million Kilograms processed


Products Available Online


Ahead of Competitors

Add Technology to the Sales Process

Boost traditional sales with a more efficient tech environment, adding more value than competitors

Unstoppable Change

The disruption of technology to Agro is real and unstoppable. In the short-term not to dynamize your sales channel with technology could be a handicap.

Reach Distributors through different channels

Nowadays distributors are technologically advanced, especially when considering mobile technology. ADIAN is accessible from any channel, but especially from mobile phones.


Improve your sales process

Your customers always kept informed

Inform your distributors about deliveries, stock, partial deliveries, promotions, discounts etc.

Automatize new ways to sell

Allow your distributors to ask for multiple delivery dates or different delivery addresses for each article. Almost any combination is possible.

Get feedback and give an appropriate response to your customers

Get distributor feedback through just one channel, and be able to answer in time and efficiently with canned responses.


Engage your distributors - Loyalty Program

Develop a 100% automatized loyalty program

Reward distributor and their customer, or farmer, loyalty with a fully configurable loyalty program

Help distributors sell to their farmers online

Offer your distributors a personalized channel to sell directly to their customers: inform them about orders, stock, finance, insurance, payments, etc.

Finance farmers through your distributors

Help distributors’ and farmers’ cashflow by offering competitive finance on orders.


Personalized marketing and sales policies

Give special treatment to each distributor

sales policies (marketing, pricing, stock, promos, etc.) are sometimes extremely complex. ADIAN is prepared to configure almost any existing sales policy in the market, so you are able to treat each of your distributors exclusively.

Any type of sales policy?

Yes, any type. Especially because we are an agro enterprise and we know how manufacturers sell. What is more, if we don’t have it in the platform, we promise to create it for you.

Handle the most complex catalogue logics

Assigning products to customers, regions or groups, creating low-season campaigns to project stock, rewarding early buyers, etc. are some of the features that you can use to configure a 100% fully functional sales strategy, as if it was offline.


Free up time for value adding tasks

Orders are now placed by distributors

A small big change. The task of placing orders is now up to the distributor. This allows your teams to focus on value adding tasks such as signing up more distributors, repeat sales or better customer service.

Better sales team results

Sales reps now have more time to look for new distributors, unleash sales potential, improve after-sales for existing distributors

Refocusing Customer Service

They can spend time on more value adding activities, like report analysis, catalogue maintenance, payments etc.


Take better decisions thanks to Agro Analytics

Standard and personalized Reports

Apart from Standard reports (sales, orders, etc.) you can generate personalized reports, that allow you improve your understanding of distributor behavior, preferences, price reaction, etc.

Real time tests

Change the price of a product to a specific group of customers and follow their reactions. Draw conclusions and take a final decision on price on a big-scale. All in a short period of time.

Analyzing Farmer Behavior

By connecting the manufacturer platform with the marketplace, we are able to reach into a world of unique analytics which will help you to understand farmer decisions on your products: such as reaction to price changes, to one-off campaigns, product preferences, etc.


One Solution customizable to your needs

We adapt the platform to you, not the other way around

Each Agrochem manufacturer has a different way to reach, promote and sell to distributors. Our success is based on being able to customize our platform to cover 99,99% of your sales process needs. This is the way we guarantee customer loyalty for many years.

How do we do it?

We spend some time understanding how you sell while we adapt the platform to your needs. The platform is only launched when you confirm it covers your commercial needs.

How long does it take?

From the start of the project, it may take from 30 to 60 days until launch day.

And finally, a list of main platform features

Online Ordering System

Allow your distributors to place orders in real time 24/7.

Multiple Delivery dates

The distributor may select multiple delivery points for the order.

Multiples Shipping Addresses

Each distributor will see the prices in line with the existing sales logic

Real Time Promos and Discounts

Distributors see promos and discounts that apply to them in real time. These promos may change every time they add a product to the cart.

Control and Validation

A hierarchy system to control and validate orders by Sales Reps, Customer Service team or both. Once validated, all orders travel safely to your CRM.

Connected to your CRM

Orders are sent to your CRM automatically with validation controls. Applied sales policies, promos and discounts may also be sent to the CRM.

Dynamic Order Management

Great number of features available to manage orders.

Deliveries reports

The distributor is informed about deliveries whether they are total or partial.

Loyalty Program

Complete points package, invoices or reports to keep both the distributor as well as the end consumer loyal.


Finance management tool that allows distributors to offer finance to their customers, through the manufacturer.