Our job is to make yours easier

We are an AgroTech Company.
We improve the Agrochem and Seeds Supply Chain by helping manufacturers trade in a more efficient and profitable way with their distributors and farmers.

What We Do

We improve the way the Agro supply chain works, helping the manufacturer to be more dynamic, project stock, unleash sales potential and be more efficient. Save Money. Deliver Smarter. Know your Customer.

How We Do It

We are a technology company focused on Agro. Over the past ten years we have developed online solutions for agro manufacturers. We understand your needs and have solutions for you. If you are an Agro manufacturer, our platform will probably help your business.

How It Benefits You

Grow your sales and those of your distributors. Improve your efficiency, know your stock. Know your end customer: the farmer. Learn their reactions and analyze their buying behavior. Agro analytics and Big Data in real time. Be more efficient, dynamic, quicker and smarter in your response to the market.

Our Milestones

Our most relevant Milestones, since ADIAN was founded.

2016 Expansion to other continents, especially LATAM/USA

Thanks to great partnerships, expansion to other key continents initiated, the manufacturer platform being the main objective.

2015 The manufacturer platform reaches 1 billion Euros turnover

The magic number of 1 billion EUROS processed is reached. We are now heading for 2 billion EUROS.

2015 Finance for farmers

Farmers are now able to get finance for online orders under competitive conditions. Finance may come from ADIAN or the manufacturer.

2012 Expansion to main European countries

Manufacturer platform is widely used all over main countries in Europe.

2009 Release of first version of Manufacturer platform

First customer based in Spain, the platform is released with huge success.

2006 Subscription based business model for distributors is started

A new business model was introduced to existing customers in the marketplace.

2004 50,000 products reached in the marketplace

More than 5,000 distributors offer more than 50,000 products in the marketplace to the farmers.

2004 Agro classifieds first version launched

Launch of platform that connects farmers to distributors

2002 ADIAN founded

ADIAN is founded and the first version of the marketplace is launched to the public, as an agro-classifieds website.

Our Investors: Interested?

Since its foundation, ADIAN has been backed by several key investors, including Danka Capital, Zriser, Enerpro, PnP and a long list of leading professional agro investors. We are expanding, and therefore always looking for the right and smart partner to welcome onboard.