Engage your Distributors

Manufacturer Platform

A B2B platform that allows your distributors buy from you in a B2C way. A unique experience, 100% personalized and with all B2B functions.

Boost your distributors sales to farmers

Agro Marketplace Online

Help your distributors to sell, finance and manage online orders. Get reports on deliveries, collections or stock. Let the farmer buy 24/7 from anywhere.

Understand your Real Customer

Agro Analytics & Market Data

Base strategic decisions on real data. Analyze and process data obtained from the commercial relationship between manufacturer, distributor and farmer.


Agrochem Platform: Increase your Sales and Efficiency

Real Time Orders

Orders processed 24/7, 100% Automatized. (No more processing order errors by fax, email or phone.)

CRM connected

Orders will arrive directly to your CRM. So unless you give your client access you retain your own security.

Personalized Marketing Policy

Give special treatment to each distributor. Marketing, Sales and Pricing policies 100% personalized for each distributor.

Optimize Sales Force

Stop using your sales people to place orders and let them spend time finding new customers. Existing customers will be the ones placing the orders.

Increase your Efficiency

With fewer management order errors, more stock knowledge, key people focused on added value tasks, and by improving the distributor experience, among other benefits

Increase your Sales

With a 24/7 order window, the ability to change sales policies in real time, improving repeat sales and capturing new customers, among other benefits.

Agro Marketplace: Help your Distributors sell more

  • A platform where your distributors sell your products directly to farmers. A new sales channel for distributors, great added value for farmers, personalized prices, stock, collection from the store, sales areas, deliveries, dispatches and finance are some of the new available features generating more sales for the distributor.


Agro Analytics: Understand Farmers & Distributors

Take strategic decisions based on real data.

  • Analyze the critical information generated by your clients – the distributor and farmer – to make better decisions which dramatically improve the profitability of your distribution chain and sales.


ADIAN: A multi-channel solution which improves the whole Agrochem Sales Supply Chain

We improve the agro supply chain thanks to our three solutions. Three pillars which together make ADIAN. With over 1 billion Euros processed, we do what we’ve always done: creating, testing, iterating new solutions. We’re an agro technology startup.

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